The supermodel says becoming a mother "is a magical experience"

By Charlotte Triggs
February 01, 2010 06:15 PM

Gisele Bündchen may not be getting much sleep since giving birth to her first child, Benjamin, with husband Tom Brady in December – but she doesn’t mind.

“I haven’t slept much,” the supermodel, who says she’s up at all hours breast-feeding, tells Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. “It is really tiring, but it’s such a special moment that I am enjoying it to the maximum. I have dedicated my days completely to him.”

Bündchen, 29, calls her newborn son “a little angel,” and says becoming a parent has changed her. “To be a mother is a magical experience. The whole body is transformed by this,” she says. “It really is the miracle of life. I am really happy!”

She’s already gone back to work, posing for a photoshoot for the Brazilian label Colcci just six weeks after giving birth, but she’s not using a nanny, instead relying on her family to help her.

“My mother [Vania] accompanied me since before Benjamin’s birth,” she says. “She gave me great support. I couldn’t ask God for more support than this.”

Her Fit Pregnancy

The supermodel also reveals that she didn’t take her pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in junk food. “I kept myself in good shape during the whole pregnancy, eating healthily, meditating, and doing exercises,” says Bündchen, who did yoga and kung-fu until November. “I put on a little weight, but kept using almost the same clothes, with small adjustments on the stomach.”
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Of course keeping fit since the baby arrived has been a challenge. “I still haven’t had time to go back to doing exercise. In the first few months, everything turns around the baby. But little by little you recover your form,” she says. “What helps me is the fact that I didn’t put much weight on, and that I had a natural birth and am breast-feeding.”

Translation by DOM PHILLIPS