February 05, 2014 11:00 AM

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At 10 months old, Shiri Appleby‘s daughter Natalie Bouader is already a bonafide foodie.

But that’s no surprise considering the baby girl’s father is Jon Shook, eclectic chef and owner of Los Angeles eatery, Animal.

“She eats everything, as you can imagine,” the Girls actress, 35, told PEOPLE at the Barneys New York cocktail party celebrating designer Irene Neuwirth on Tuesday.

“If she’s sitting at the table eating her baby food, but you have your own food, she goes ‘Eee! Eee!’ until you give her what you’re eating!”

All that food tasting may explain how Natalie has already developed a palate that would put most adults to shame.

“She’s very opinionated and super, super curious. She loves curry,” says Appleby, who has been engaged to Shook since 2012.

What goes great with curry? According to Natalie, root beer. “The third thing she ever had was root beer. She loved it. She knows what she likes!” Appleby adds.

And the new mom knows what she likes as well: spending as much time with her daughter as possible.

“At the end of the night, we jump in the bath and play in the water. Just me and her. It’s beautiful,” Appleby shares.

“I’ve learned not to be concerned with the emails or phone calls. This is what matters. You learn from your children to try and stay as present as possible.”

Well that, and the joys of curry and root beer!

— Matthew Cole Weiss

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