The Once Upon a Time star is 8 months pregnant with her first child

April 24, 2014 02:00 PM

Courtesy Jimmy Kimmel Live

Picking a baby name can be hard, especially in Hollywood. It’s even harder, Ginnifer Goodwin revealed, when considering her husband’s family name.

“Naming a child though, with the last name of ‘Dallas,’ is a little more complicated,” Goodwin, 35, told Jimmy Kimmel during her first public appearance since tying the knot with Josh Dallas.

“Not a first name that begins with a ‘D’ because it gets porny,” she joked, referencing Debbie Does Dallas, “and nothing geographical ’cause it sounds like an airport.”

But Dallas, 32, doesn’t heed his wife’s warning, proposing a very Texas-centric name for their unborn child.

“He was like, ‘Boy or girl, Austin Dallas,'” Goodwin said on the show. “I’m like, ‘I’m pretty sure that is an actual place where planes land. We can’t do that.'”

Goodwin also spilled the beans on the couple’s intimate wedding, which took place April 12 in Venice, Calif., just days after the costars wrapped filming of Once Upon a Time.

“We’re both Southern, so I was literally barefoot and pregnant at our wedding. I was afraid I’d fall over!” she joked of her laidback bridal style, later adding, “It was the most stress-free, relaxing, beautiful day.”

Well, not quite “stress-free” for everyone. Goodwin’s wedding planner called her the morning of the ceremony, crying because someone had stolen their ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract hand-made by artists, out of her car.

The actress figured her rabbi could whip up another on some hotel stationery, but luckily, this fairy tale has a happy ending. A Good Samaritan came across the paper in the street, was able to read Hebrew, tracked down Goodwin’s publicist and delivered the document just in time.

With the wedding over, Goodwin can sit back and really relax as she awaits the delivery of her first child, due this spring. But were Baby Dallas’s future grandparents bothered by the actors getting married after getting conceiving a child?

“We may be Southern, but it’s also the first grandchild,” she told Kimmel. “So they’re not only ecstatic that I’m pregnant, but they’re all coming back here in a couple weeks just to camp out and wait.”

With Prince Charming and Snow White as the expectant parents, it’s sure to be a magical time.

— Michele Corriston

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