"I wish I didn't have that seed of anorexia that still tells me lies," Ginger Zee tweeted Tuesday morning

Ginger Zee is not apologizing for her body.

The Good Morning America meteorologist, 38, addressed speculation over whether she was pregnant on social media Tuesday morning, shutting down a user who tweeted at her, "Did you announce another pregnancy and I missed it. Gold dress shows it. Congrats."

"Yes! I'm due in a month!!! So glad you asked," Zee replied sarcastically, before going on to say she was "just kidding" and not expecting again. (She shares two sons with husband Ben Aaron: Miles Macklin, 21 months, and Adrian Benjamin, 4 next month.)

"That's called a woman who just went on 11 planes just last week, didn't work out, needs new spanx and had two children. HAPPY TUESDAY!" she concluded.

The weather expert also touched on her past battle with an eating disorder, explaining to another fan who apologized for "jump[ing] to conclusions" about her body, "Wish it didn't affect me but I'll probably be even harder on myself — anorexia is a difficult disease but I am recovered and these types of comments make me rely heavily on my therapy and self confidence I've been working on for years."

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Fellow meteorologist Karen Rogers chimed in on the conversation to praise Zee and chastise those who would come to her with such an inquiry.

"Oh Dear Lord … I saw @Ginger_Zee this morning and thought ‘Wow! She looks fabulous,' " Rogers wrote. "It's awful to be scrutinized when you're doing your job so beautifully. People listen up … unless you're her husband, asking a woman if she's pregnant is NEVER OK!"

"I wish I didn't have that seed of anorexia that still tells me lies — I'm constantly keeping it muted but this challenges me," Zee replied in a tweet to Rogers. "Thank you for your support."

Ginger Zee
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Zee has been open in the past about her struggle with anorexia, which she experienced from age 10 to her early teens, she shared in 2016 during her time on Dancing with the Stars. (She and partner Val Chmerkovskiy placed third in the competition.)

"I didn't choose to get anorexia. I may have made some childhood-like choices to try to control something. ‘I know what I'll do, I'll just not eat,' " she wrote in an essay for ABC News. "That was the initial point, but then it spiraled and became a disease — not a choice by any means. It was a horrendous spiral that could have taken my life. My mom was scared she was going to lose her daughter."

"Anorexia is a real disease," Zee continued. "The choice you do have is asking for help. With therapy and support, I was able to make a dent in the disease. It has been a 25-year process, but therapy, maturity, the support of my family and having my beautiful child has allowed me to get to this point where I am ready to talk about it."

"I want anyone suffering with this terrible disease to know that they are not alone," she added. "All you need to do is reach out for help. Tell someone, bring it up to someone you trust. There is a bright future for you and you can overcome this. I feel so fortunate to be on the real road to recovery. I hope this can start a conversation for someone who is struggling right now. That would be huge. That would make me feel like this is worth sharing."

If you or someone you know is battling an eating disorder, please contact the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) at 1-800-931-2237 or go to NationalEatingDisorders.org.