Baby & Kids Director and mom-of-two, Melissa Keswin, shares her best tips.

By peoplestaff225
Updated November 21, 2013 11:00 AM

Courtesy GILT

If you’re anything like the Kardashians, holiday family photos are serious business.

Not only do you want to have fun, but you want to make sure everyone (big and small) looks their best.

So we chatted with Melissa Keswin, Gilt’s Baby & Kids director, to get her thoughts on styling your kids to perfection.

From sticking to simple yet festive hues to keeping things natural, check out what the mom-of-two suggests below.

Accessorize — but don’t overdo it. A cute headband, sparkly shoes, a bow tie or vest are all you really need to add some pop to your little’s one attire.

Opt for simple colors. Choosing classic styles in solid colors (navy, red, etc.) will keep you from regretting their outfit choices in years to come. I remember looking back at a photo of myself in an ET sweatshirt (yellow, to make matters worse!), while my poor baby sister — who barely had hair — was wearing a matching orange one. Don’t do that to your kids!

Add some layers. Put a cardigan over a shirt, add a hat or tights, and than take them off and switch things up. You can have an entirely new look in seconds — and a new batch of photos to choose from.

Leave their locks alone. There is nothing cuter than a kid wearing their hair in its natural state. They can pull off the tussled look better than anyone. I promise, it’s better than over-styled slicked back ‘dos any day. Of course you don’t want bedhead, but don’t overdo the grooming.

Create a natural setting. Some of the best family holiday photos I’ve seen are the ones caught-in-the moment — not just after, “Say cheese!” Have fun with the shoot and try to keep it as candid and loose as possible.