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Updated June 28, 2009 06:00 PM

For Gildart Jackson and Melora Hardin, making You was truly a family affair. The couple — married since 1997 — not only feature their two children Rory Melora Jackson, 7 ½, and Piper Quincy Jackson, 4, in the film, they even cast their nanny! Although Rory and Piper got “a different taste of family life” during the 18-day shoot, the experience was “an adventure” in ever sense, Gildart blogs for The Huffington Post. “Making a film is a wonderful, rigorous, all consuming, intense, frenetic, thrilling voyage and as I look back what made our trip even more wonderful was that we were sailing together as a family,” he writes, and now Rory and Piper “know that they can set sail, weather the storm, reach their destination and return home.”

The life of an actor provides great flexibility for a growing family, Gildart notes, and the couple are thankful that Melora’s role on The Office has been well-received. “I don’t work as much as she does, but from the family perspective this is a great thing,” he explains. “I get to spend a lot of time with the kids. And, actually, so does Melora even when she’s working; she has a trailer and regularly brings the kids to the set.” The pay isn’t too shabby, either! The couple consider themselves “fortunate enough to be able to afford a nanny when we both need to be doing other things,” Gildart writes, adding,

You is an independent film written by Gildart and directed by (and starring!) Melora; It is available for purchase via iTunes, or at the You official site.

— Missy