Update: Contest: Childish Clothing gives away gifts for expectant moms

Update: The winners and their favorite part of pregnancy are:

  • Melissa, who won a Salma-3 dress, said, "My favorite part of being pregnant is feeling the baby move. I am 25weeks now and this little one loves to move. I love feeling every little kickand squirm."
  • Christine, who won a Salma-3 dress, said, "I waited to have my first baby until 37 (I am due in July) so I have had many years to think about being pregnant and having a baby. I have wanted this for a long time. My favorite part about being pregnant is knowing that I have created and nurtured life inside me, that my body is capable of giving life. It makes me cry every time I
    think about it. It just takes my breath away, I feel so fortunate each and every day of my pregnancy."
  • Brooke, who won the "baby" Necklace, said, "I think the best part about being pregnant so far has just been knowing that there is a little one growing inside of me. I am early in my pregnancy so I haven’t experienced much, but just knowing that there is a little person growing in me is amazing to me. "

Expectant moms everywhere are rejoicing! For years and years maternity fashion consisted of leggings and t-shirts. Thanks to some high-profile celebrities and the brilliant style vision of Skye Hoppus, pregnant moms have some very stylish, and even sexy, options. Skye created Childish Clothing’s Maternity Collection in 2003 to celebrate what should be the most fabulous time in a woman’s life. The collection offer hip, form-flattering styles and fabrics to help show off all the beautiful new curves in a pregnant woman’s body.

To help you celebrate your pregnant body, Skye is offering up three wonderful giveaways. Click continue reading below to find out how to enter to win one! Skye also recently offered up some great style tips for moms on Valentine’s Day, click here to read what she had to say.


Enter to win one of three pieces from Skye’s Childish Clothing’s Maternity Collection. The first is the "baby" Necklace made of 14kt Yellow Gold and engraved with the word “baby” (valued at $595).


The other two are the Salma-3 dress, one of Childish’s most stylish frocks (valued at $160).

Email the following info to celebritybabyblogATgmail.com (make sure you replace AT with @).

  • Your full name, email address, and mailing address.
  • Share what your favorite part of being pregnant has been.
  • Tell us which prize you want to be entered to win: the necklace or dress.
  • Make sure you put "Childish Clothing — Maternity" in the subject line in order for your entry to be counted.

Contest closes February 14 at 12 PM EST. (For terms & conditions, click here.)

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