Purz-n-izer: Helps you get it together

We love any invention that is made specifically to save moms some time. The Purz-n-izer ($20-25) does just that. This water-resistant, clutch-sized purseorganizer slips right in your diaper bag and keeps all your essentials in oneplace. It comes with a retractable keychain for easy access to the number one lost item in all diaper bags. Inside there are eight individualcompartments to keep your wallet, cell phone, lip gloss and whatever otheritems you like to tote around separate from babies toys. At night when you wantto switch from diaper bag to mom’s-night-out bag, simply slip the Purz-n-izerinto your evening bag and all your essentials are available in a pinch.

Purz-n-izer’s are availablein six prints including pinko-polka, black-tied and solid gold.

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