As we reported on June 29th, Geri Halliwell will allow Sacha Gervasi, father of Bluebell, 2 months, to meet the little girl. Now rumours are flying that this has upset Geri’s mother Anna Maria. A source told Closer magazine: "Anna Maria’s keen to keep Geri away from Sacha, until she’s got used to being a mother. She’s not terribly pleased that Geri has agreed to let Sacha see Bluebell, and is trying to talk her out of it. She is delighted Geri has taken to motherhood so effortlessly, and is afraid Sacha’s presence will complicate things."

Gervasi has wanted to see his daughter from the moment she was born and even flew to Britain just after that but then Geri wouldn’t allow him. Now, Geri’s friend has stated: "Geri and Sacha have rowed a lot over the past few months, and she’s got fed up with it. She’s now realised Sacha has to meet his daughter, and he should be a part of little Bluebell’s life."

Source: Closer magazine via