Geri Halliwell deals with the wet effects of nursing

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell made waves in the UK this week when she told OK! Magazine that pregnancy and nursing made her look like a porn star. After gaining three cup sizes with the pregnancy and birth of her daughter Bluebell Madonna, now 6 months, she said, "During pregnancy my boobs went massive – I looked like a porn star! Having babies can be a breast-wrecker, but because I’ve worn really good bras my boobs seem to be OK. [Breastfeeding] really helped me get back in shape – you can actually feel the uterus pulling back into place."

After nursing Bluebell almost exclusively the first six months of her life, Geri has decided that it’s time to close up shop after she experienced some leakage incidents. "At the beginning I felt like a complete milk machine. I think it will be nice to get my body back to myself. I had to plan carefully if I wanted to go out because my boobs would start leaking everywhere which was embarrassing. I was having a business meeting with quite an attractive man and I left the meeting and noticed there was a massive white patch on my blouse. I was so embarrassed."

Did your breasts ever leak at any particularly embarrassing times when you were nursing?

Source: The Sun

Thanks to CBB readers Mary Beth and Lyn.

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