Proud grandmother Baria Alamuddin can't help but gush about George and Amal's new twins

By Elizabeth Leonard
June 09, 2017 08:29 AM

When George and Amal Clooney welcomed twins Ella and Alexander on Tuesday morning, their maternal grandmother, Baria Alamuddin, was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude.

“Seeing these two angels, these stunningly beautiful babies…cuddled together, and seeing the joy on Amal and George’s faces, it’s one of those deeply felt beautiful feelings you can’t express in words,” Alamuddin tells PEOPLE.

Credit: Felipe Ramales/Splash

On hand for the births, Amal’s mom — now a grandmother to eight grandkids — says the special moment brought “almost unrealistic pure joy” and left her feeling like “the most blessed human being on earth.”

Perhaps the only people feeling more blessed? George and Amal, who Alamuddin says naturally took to parenting and seem to relish their new roles.

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“Oh my god, Amal and George were so beautiful, they were so happy, so contented,” says the London-based journalist.

“You just look at them and you feel like they’ve been a mother and father for their whole lives.”

Clooney’s dad Nick also expressed similar sentiments. “Amal looked great. George looked more harried than she did,” Nick told PEOPLE, who adds that the newborns are “stunning”, with dark hair and lots of energy. “They were both very active!”