Gemmielou: Adorable handmade items

By CBB Guest Reviewer: Julie

Christmas was fast approaching and the one thing that my daughter kept asking for over and over was a dollhouse. I searched high and low to find a cute and affordable dollhouse. I found the perfect one, but the dolls that came with it were hideous. I searched all over online and in stores and found nothing but typical plastic ones that just weren’t going to cut it with the super cute wooden dollhouse I found. Then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought to myself "Why haven’t I checked Etsy??" So off I went to one of my favorite sites —

If you haven’t been to Etsy yet, beware. It’s a site full of super cute handmade items of all sorts. I did a search and to my surprise I found THE most adorable custom dolls ever at Gemmielou. I fell in love immediately, but wanted something a little different, so I sent a message to the owner, Gemmie, and asked if she could make me customized dolls to look like my family. Gemmie said she would love to, so I sent her a few photos of us and just a few days later they were done.

The perfect result is what you see pictured here but the really perfect thing was the look on my daughter’s face on Christmas morning — just priceless! Check out Gemmielou for a full selection of the custom dolls.

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