Gavin Rossdale has a teenage lovechild

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POP beauty Gwen Stefani’s rock star husband Gavin Rossdale has a secret lovechild, it was revealed yesterday. DNA tests have proved the Bush singer is the father of 15-year-old catwalk model Daisy Lowe (pictured to the left, middle). Stefani, who fronts US rock band No Doubt, is said by her friends to be "devastated". The revelation has also sent shock waves through London’s trendy in-crowd.

Daisy’s mum is the singer and designer Pearl Lowe, a key fixture on the capital’s celebrity scene. She lives with Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey and her daughter, who has just signed to the Select model agency. Pearl is also close friends with Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Hollywood stars Liv Tyler and Samantha Morton.

An insider said: "Pearl has always wondered if Gavin is Daisy’s father. "Both she and Daisy felt they deserved to know the truth so they decided to find out. It was never about getting Gavin’s money or anything like that. It was about finding Daisy’s real dad. "Pearl’s friends like Kate and Sadie are surprised she wanted to find out after all this time, but they are being very supportive of her. "It has really set tongues wagging, though. No one can believe Daisy really is Gavin’s daughter. He’s one of the biggest stars in the US."

After an exchange of legal letters, Rossdale agreed that he would take a DNA test last month. The results arrived on Pearl’s doormat in Camden, North London, last week. The insider said: "Even though she had requested the test herself, Pearl was really shocked.

"She has always had slight suspicions but it only really occurred to her in the last six months that Gavin could actually be Daisy’s dad. They only had a very brief fling way back when. "Gavin was reluctant to do the test as he didn’t think he was Daisy’s dad. They were good friends but it has all become slightly awkward now."

IRONICALLY, Rossdale, who has a £15million fortune, is also Daisy’s godfather and they chat regularly on the phone. She has been told he is her dad but they haven’t spoken since the results of the paternity test.

Daisy is studying for her GCSEs but finds time to fit in her burgeoning modelling career, prowling the catwalk at London Fashion Week and appearing in this month’s Vogue magazine.

Pearl, 33, first met Gavin, 38, when they were teenagers. "I used to hang out in clubs all the time," she confided in an interview earlier this year. "I met Sadie Frost and Gavin, who were both struggling to make something of themselves, just like me. "We used to go around together all the time. We had such a laugh." Pearl, who has two other sons Alfie, seven, and Frankie, five, with Goffey, had publicly claimed a man she met in Egypt was Daisy’s father.

She said: "I was 17 and I got a job as a waitress. Then I met a guy called Bronner. I fell madly in love and got pregnant. When we came home, Bronner told my mum he’d look after me." But they split soon after baby Daisy born. The insider added: "Pearl has been with Danny for the last 10 years and he has been like a dad to Daisy. "Danny is really supportive of them both and just wants them to be happy.

"Daisy is pretty down-to-earth and is really cool about it all. But it sounds like Gwen is really upset about it and it’s causing rows between her and Gavin."

Gavin and Californian Gwen, 35, had been together for six years before they married in 2002. She had no idea he had a daughter. At the time the platinum blonde pin-up admitted: "I do think about babies and kids all the time and we really want them." But The couple is yet to have children.

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