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Whether he’s watching from the stands or on the court, Gavin Rossdale clearly loves tennis. To that end, the 43-year-old singer admits that it would be “kind of fun” if his sons Kingston James McGregor, 2 ½, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 4 ½-months, develop a similar love for the sport some day. “As they wish, you know, as they wish,” he tells Tennis.com. “I suppose you always want your kids to do something that in some way you can help them with, and I can definitely help them with that.” Kingston is already comfortable with a racket in his hands — and Gavin hopes it will stay that way!

“I mean, it would be so sad if he took up ice hockey because I’d be useless. What would I do? Who doesn’t want to contribute? There are a few things that I could help him with. About four or five things, and outside of that he’s on his own.”

Gavin appears to be selling himself short, however. When pressed, he lists numerous activities he’ll be of help with, include things like music, tennis, football, literature, art, and more. “Good wine…And the right beer to drink…And good restaurants,” he continues. “Good bands, obviously.” He adds,

“And you know what? I’d learn ice hockey. I’d figure it out.”

The birth of Zuma may have kept Gavin from attending the 2008 U.S. Open in New York, but not for lack of trying on dad’s part! “I was trying to negotiate coming in for the last weekend but I lost the negotiation,” Gavin says. “I tried…I did my best.” One thing is for certain: Zuma won’t keep Gavin from the court for long. “No way, I’ve got to stay good for him,” he adds.

Kingston and Zuma are Gavin’s children with wife Gwen Stefani.

Source: Tennis.com

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