October 29, 2009 06:00 PM

Max Butterworth/Louise Barnsley/Bret Thompsett/Pacific Coast News

Halloween will be a family affair this year for Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. The couple — married since 2002 and parents to Kingston James McGregor, 3, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 14 months — are heading to a party with Gavin dressed as Buzz Lightyear, the kids dressed as “furry, cuddly” dinosaurs and Gwen in a “surprise” costume “that looks incredible — like every other day,” Gavin reports.

From the sound of things, Kingston would have been just as happy to dress as a rock star. “At the last benefit we were at, he wanted to get on stage with me and sing,” Gavin reveals. “He was a little upset with me…I told him we can, but we have to practice a bit first.”

It appears as though Kingston’s love of the stage — and life on the road — began during dad’s recent solo tour. Gavin adds,

“He always wants to come now. During the show, he loves to be on stage on the side. But he loves to play the drums during the sound checks [and] play with my guitar pedals. He likes to check the mic.”

The kids were not in attendance when Gavin played at a charity event held by Richard Branson on Monday evening, however, with Gavin noting that it was “a bit late” for them to be out and about. “We run a tight ship at home,” he explained.

Sources: ChicagoNow, Popeater

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