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Updated May 28, 2008 10:17 AM

Gavin Rossdale has sung his wife’s praises before, but it’s not just about her personality — he loves her style too. The 42-year-old musician tells The Daily Record that Gwen Stefani "always looks so great."

Gwen may look put together, but the first trimesters of both pregnancies were tough on her — she was frequently ill. Gavin explained that he appreciates her hard work in "making a human," so he attempts to relieve smaller burdens in any way he can. The tennis fan used an example from 2-year-old son Kingston James McGregor‘s infancy to make his point.

Click below to read about the baby’s "goth nursery" and Gavin’s comments on daughter Daisy.

Although Gavin will be busy promoting his latest album, Wanderlust, he plans to work touring and other requirements around the birth of the new baby, due in mid-summer.

Stating again that he and Gwen don’t want to know the sex of the child before the delivery, Gavin shared that they have chosen a design for the nursery, regardless of whether it’s a girl or boy.

Gavin also made a brief comment on a topic that he has been silent on for the last four years — his daughter Daisy, 19. Having discovered in 2004 that the fling he had with Pearl Lowe in the late 80s resulted in a child, Gavin was already wed to Gwen and had discussed starting a family. The news that Daisy was his daughter (rather than his godchild, as he had believed) was a blow the rocker says he has not yet come to terms with. Refusing to criticize Pearl, Gavin nonetheless made it clear that he didn’t appreciate the public spectacle the revelation became.

Gavin’s first solo record, Wanderlust, will be released on Tuesday, June 3rd; watch the trailer video to hear new songs here.

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