March 15, 2016 04:45 PM

Gal Gadot is hoping for success at the box office and approval from a 4-year-old when it comes to her first outing as Wonder Woman.

The actress, who will portray the comic book character first in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and later in her own 2017 blockbuster, told Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday that her daughter Alma hasn’t quite found a fictional female role model — and she hopes to fill that gap.

The 30-year-old, who shares Alma with husband Yaron Varsano, says their little girl “understands” her mother’s new role, but gets a little confused by the details.

“She came to visit me many times on set, and one time I was wearing the Wonder Woman costume, and then she asked me, ‘Mummy, if you wear a tiara does that mean you’re a queen and then I’m a princess?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m playing dress up, this is dress up.’ ”

Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

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And dress up is a favorite of Alma’s. But while she’s “really into princesses,” that doesn’t mean she respects them.

“One time, I was telling her a story and she said, ‘The prince is always so brave, and courageous and strong,’ ” Gadot shares. “And then I asked her, ‘Well, what do you think about the princess?’ and she said, ‘Meh … They always fall asleep and the prince is the one to wake them up. They do nothing.’ ”

Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Gadot says the conversation made her feel “so good” about playing Wonder Woman.

She explains, “Boys always had Batman and Superman, and Spider-Man … and girls have the princesses.” Now, she adds, they have a headlining female hero, too.

Batman v Superman premieres March 25.

— Lindsay Kimble

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