"I was just watching their Snapchats on the way here and I'm DM'ing them like, 'Put your shirt back on,'" the actress joked

By Blake Bakkila Brianne Tracy
January 09, 2017 08:10 PM
Kevin Winter/Getty

Gabrielle Union is laying down the law in her household when it comes to social media.

The actress talked about her brood of boys at home, which includes husband Dwyane Wade. The NBA star, 34, has three sons from previous relationships: Zaire Blessing, 14, Zion Malachi Airamis, 9, and Xavier Zechariah, 3. He also raises his teenage nephew, Dahveon.

And in her household, Union, 44, has one big rule.

“Only about their social media,” she told PEOPLE at the Sleepless premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday. “That’s really the only thing I get a little sleepless about. I was just watching their Snapchats on the way here and I’m DM’ing them like, ‘Put your shirt back on. Stop being thirst traps!’ “

Last April, Union told Ocean Drive magazine for its May/June cover story that her stepchildren were the “driving force” behind the actress’s 2014 nuptials to Wade.

“D and I could have gone on for a long time as boyfriend and girlfriend, but the kids were the driving force in wanting us to be a legitimate, like, real – and I’m using my finger quotes – family in their eyes,” she said. “We got on board with it, and it’s the best decision we could have made – not just for us as a couple, but for our family.”

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Union also explained how the couple disciplines their kids.

“We literally keep track,” she said. “There’s basically an imaginary chart: ‘I was bad cop last time; now it’s your turn. You have to be the jerk who doles out punishment for missed homework assignments or talking on the phone after curfew.”

But that doesn’t mean the boys don’t come to her with advice about their love lives and schoolwork.

“With the older boys, they come to me with girl stuff, homework. Or if they’re trying to butter up Dad, they definitely come to me to soften me up first,” she said. “I’m the line of defense I guess, before Dad.”

The new season of Union’s Being Mary Jane premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. on BET.