"We're those parents who give half-time lectures in the middle of the game," Gabrielle Union says of her and Dwyane Wade's dynamic as "sports parents"

By Jen Juneau
February 27, 2017 04:00 PM

Gabrielle Union might’ve thought her schedule revolved around husband Dwyane Wade‘s games at one point, but the truth is that things are way more hectic than that.

The actress and stepmom to Xavier Zechariah, 3, Zion Malachi Airamis, 9½, and Zaire Blessing, 15, stopped by Steve Harvey Tuesday to talk about how sports have impacted the dynamic of her household, which includes Wade’s teenage nephew Dahveon.

“What we didn’t anticipate becoming were sports parents,” Union, 44, tells Steve Harvey. “We’re those parents who give half-time lectures in the middle of the game … we’re those people.”

Cristina Aguirre/NBC

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The Being Mary Jane star admits it’s frustrating when she and Wade, 35, put forth a ton of effort and have to get tough on the boys when they have a change of heart.

“[When you handle] the hotels, the food, the friends, the teammates and you’ve traveled, you’ve given up your weekend and you go to this tournament and everyone’s hyped and your child decides they’re not going to give a full effort,” she says. “Do you understand me and Dwyane lose our minds?”

“Because you’re like, ‘I gave up what little sleep I had to come here and you’re not going to get back on defense … I will snatch you off of this court,’ ” she adds. ” ‘I can’t want it more than you.’ ”

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” ‘I don’t care if you lose, but you’re going to try, you’re gonna have your hands up on defense,’ how about that? ‘Don’t watch Dad — Dad gets paid a lot of money,’ ” she continues of her words to the boys.

Adds Union of how she jokes to her husband about the situation, “[Dwyane]’s like, ‘Where does he get it from? I’m like, ‘I don’t mess up takes on my show. I don’t know about you.’ ”

Cristina Aguirre/NBC

Wade’s middle son hasn’t followed his dad in the basketball direction, instead taking up tumbling classes.

“Zion does gymnastics. I know nothing about gymnastics … all of us become experts,” Unions says. “I’m at tumbling practice like, ‘Stick it! Stick it!’ ”

She adds, “He’s just learning — he’s a baby! And I’m just … I can’t. ‘If I’m gonna miss the start of Scandal, you’re gonna stick it, how about that? Let’s just compromise here.’ “