Kathryn Fiore Released from the Hospital

The Wedding Band actress and her husband Gabriel Tigerman welcomed their first child together on Tuesday, May 28, the couple confirm.

Gabriel Tigerman Kathryn Fiore Welcome Daughter Alice Harper

Courtesy Kathryn Fiore

Update: Happy news for the family — after almost four weeks of hospitalization, the actress has gone home and was able to meet Alice for the first time.

“While Kathryn continues to improve, Gabe will be taking her back to the hospital every day for outpatient physical and occupational therapy, dialysis, as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy for her hands and feet,” friends and family write.

“Kathryn will be needing professional home care indefinitely, future surgeries and special drug treatments for her HUS [hemolytic-uremic syndrome]. In light of all this, you can only imagine how grateful the family is for your unexpected and stunning generosity.”

Originally posted June 19: Kathryn Fiore is counting her blessings — starting with her baby girl.

The former Wedding Band star and husband Gabriel Tigerman, who has had roles on Supernatural and Journeyman, welcomed their first child on Tuesday, May 28.

Daughter Alice Harper Fiore Tigerman was born at 2:05 p.m. and weighed in at 7 lbs., 3 oz.

However, following a long labor — resulting in an emergency cesarean — the couple’s baby bliss quickly turned to heartache when both Fiore and her baby girl began to experience severe complications.

Doctors intubated the actress — who was suffering from a uterine hemorrhage causing her to lose over two liters of blood — before the new mom went into septic shock and complete organ failure, leading her to lose consciousness. Additionally, the lack of blood flow threatened Fiore’s limbs.

After 12 days of fighting for her life, including undergoing emergency dialysis and other life-saving procedures — doctors are unsure of the cause, but theories include a rare blood disease or amniotic fluid embolism — Fiore’s condition stabilized.

Meanwhile, baby Alice was sent to the NICU after displaying signs of distress, where she spent 10 days before being discharged.

And while the couple’s little girl has since gone home, Fiore, 33, remains hospitalized as she undergoes intensive physical therapy — the actress must learn to walk and use her hands again — and dialysis, before beginning oxygen treatments in the near future.

In lieu of showering the new family with flowers and gifts, a fund has been established to accept monetary donations which will go toward the medical bills not covered by insurance and aide in the costs of Fiore’s treatments, rehab, future surgeries and eventual need for professional nursing care.

Donations to the Fiore-Tigerman family may be made by clicking here.

— Anya Leon

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