FYI... Product posts

We’ve gotten a few emails asking us why we include product info in our posts so we’d like to explain a few things.

  • In our 2006 Reader Survey (which close to 4,000 of you responded to), 79% of readers told us they that they would like to know what products featured in photos are. Many will go and buy things they like, especially the more affordable items, like Gap, Children’s Place, etc.
  • We constantly get emails asking if we know what something is or what someone is wearing, and you can also see people asking in the comments too. By putting it directly in the post, we’re providing the information upfront, and making the post more than just text, as the responses to the survey told us you preferred.
  • Tracking down the info is extra work for us so we wouldn’t do it unless readers asked for it.
  • We do not post links to products unless it’s 100% relevant. Paid advertisements are always clearly marked (as sponsor, giveaway, or holiday project). Occasionally, we will link via an affiliate link but that is only when we have one who sells that item.
  • Another takeaway from our Reader Survey is that many readers prefer to have a photo used in a post rather than have it just be text. Therefore, we’ll include a product photo and/or an agency photo, if allowed.
  • We cannot post photos from many photo agencies or web sites for copyright infringement reasons. Yes, many blogs do, but either they are so small they remain under the radar or they ignore the cease and desist letters they get. With 55,000+ of you visiting us everyday, we want to stay as much on the legal side of things as possible. However, if we’re aware of the image on another site, we’ll let you know. That’s why you’ll see a post about a celeb and their child that links offsite, but includes an image of the products being worn or used in the offsite photo.

We hope this clears up any questions.

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