15 Celeb Parents Share Hilariously Relatable Stories About Their Kids

Kids say (and do) the funniest things

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Chris Martin

Chris Martin, Apple Martin
Ellentube; Inset: Derek Blasberg/Instagram

The Coldplay frontman thought visiting his daughter Apple at her first job would be a good idea, up until he showed up unannouced and saw her reaction. Martin shared the funny story during his guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying, "She was at the checkout - and there were two checkouts - that's what you call them right? - and she saw me," he explained before mimicking Apple's shocked face and mouthing, "Dad, get out."

"And I felt terrible, so I moved to the other line," Martin said with a laugh. "I was holding my T-shirt and really scared of my daughter."

Though the 15-year-old didn't end up helping him with his purchase, the singer revealed he did share a sweet moment with her as he was leaving the store.

"And I paid for the T-shirt, and I brought her some fudge," Martin continued. "So I said to the lady, 'Can you just give this to my daughter?' And as I was leaving, she shouted, 'I love you, Dad!'"

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Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell/Instagram

The parents of two had to have a very serious (but hilarious) conversation about what exactly it means to flip someone the bird. Luckily for us, Bell documented the moment on her Instagram Story.

"I have been waiting for this conversation since the day I got pregnant," wrote Bell, who is shown attempting not to laugh as she continues to film. "The one where we talk about what fingers mean what when u hold em up. I [am] fidgeting because I am trying so hard not to laugh. It's excruciating. @daxshepard you handled this brilliantly."

In the videos documenting the momentous occasion, the camera is trained on Bell's face as her husband explains to their kids, Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 5, what the middle finger means.

One of the girls tells her dad that one of her classmates uses his middle finger at school. "He says this is 'f---,'" the child says. "He says that every time in school."

Shepard replies, "He does? He's naughty."

Then, the child says that her teacher told them that it was a bad word, to which Dax says, "Yeah, that's not a nice word. You know, that that's a naughty finger and I never see you do that. It makes me so proud that you know that, yet you don't do it. Well you did it a couple of times when you were young, before you knew it was a naughty word."

The child continues to say that her parents "didn't tell me 'f---' was a bad word when I was little."

Dax admits, "You're right, we just ignored it. We hoped that you didn't say it a lot, which seemed to work."

Now we understand why Bell had such a hard time keeping a straight face!

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Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

The perils of going nearly nude near little kids became evident to Baldwin when her daughter Carmen, 4, made quite the announcement in public.

"My daughter announced to a group of strangers today that my underwear goes up my butt," Baldwin wrote on her Instagram story in August 2018. "I tried to awkwardly explain that it's a thong … then I realized I should just stop speaking."

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

The action star has been busy teaching 2-year-old daughter Jasmine Lia how to swim, and the lessons have given her the opportunity to drop some adorable commentary about his well-toned pecs. "Great to recharge the batteries this weekend, back home with all my girls and teaching this lil' tornado how to swim," Johnson captioned a pool pic on Instagram. "Took my shirt off and she said, Daddy I like it your brown boobies.. 😂 Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies. #KickThoseLegs #UseThoseArms#MrBrownBoobs"

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Willie Geist

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

While his wife was away on a girls' getaway weekend, the Sunday Today host took his kids - 11-year-old daughter Lucie and 8-year-old son George - on a fun-filled adventure, which included a trip to the Central Park Zoo, bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes and games at Times Square's Dave and Buster's. It was a great, successful day, according to Geist. But things went downhill on Monday morning when Geist's wife texted him to say their kids had become "violently ill." The culprit? Germs and a lack of wipes, considering the Today staffer and the couple's kids "touched everything we could get our hands on, and then had lunch" that weekend.

"Lessons learned. Let's turn it into a positive. Let's bring the wife. Let's maybe not do bowling and the mozzarella sticks on the same day as the petting zoo and the Dave & Buster's," Geist told PEOPLE. "Maybe let's pick one of those. So I think I learned my lesson, and my wife laughs about it now. I don't think she was laughing that morning, but she's able to laugh about it now."

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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr/Instagram

The model, who recently welcomed her first child with husband Evan Spiegel, revealed that her 7-year-old son Flynn with ex-husband Orlando Bloom was super anxious to become a big brother.

"He's very excited," the model said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "He's so excited that Evan and I had been together for a while and he was like, 'When are we going to have another baby brother or sister?' And we were like, 'Look,we've got to get married first.'"

She continued, "So the day after the wedding, he comes running in and he's like, 'Mommy, is it in there?' I was like, 'Honey, give it a minute,' " adding that Flynn "has a mischievous personality like me."

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Jana Kramer

The country singer and actress documented a little construction project happening in her backyard as her husband Mike Caussin - with whom she recently renewed her wedding vows - and their daughter Jolie Rae, 2, built a house for the family's two dogs. And after a long day being "Daddy's little helper," Jolie decided to take a break and quench her thirst - with water from the dog bowl.

"You're not a doggy," Kramer told her little girl, joking that she'll show this video to her daughter's future boyfriends.

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Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Kardashian West has been candid about her kids' sibling rivalry, explaining to Ellen DeGeneres that North, 5, is still jealous of her little brother Saint, 2. "When I was breastfeeding him, [North] was so jealous I had to get a little milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw so she would drink and he would drink," Kardashian West revealed. "She's so jealous. It's crazy. The things you do."

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson/Twitter

Parenthood is stressful - but sometimes those moments are balanced by some pretty hilarious incidents, like the time Clarkson's 4-year-old daughter River told her mom to "piss off" during her bedtime routine. "I was like, 'I'm sorry, what? First of all, we don't hang out with British people … where did you learn that?' " Clarkson recalled to PEOPLE. "And she said 'Harry Potter,' and I said, 'Okay, well, that's Mommy's fault' - I owned it for her. I even gave her an out, you know?"

Regardless, the singer laid down the law and told River she couldn't say the phrase again or she'd take Harry Potter away. So what did the little girl do? Mouth it instead - which didn't quite work, but her mom appreciated the effort. "I mean, you've gotta respect it because she [technically] didn't say it!" Clarkson said.

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Tina Fey

Tina Fey - Style
Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

While the 30 Rock star has always been super-cool in our eyes, her eldest daughter Alice, 12, isn't easily impressed. Alice spent her summer vacation binging iconic comedy shows like The Andy Griffith Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, according to her famous mom. And when it was time to start up another series, Alice asked Fey what she should watch. "I was like, 'Well, you're 12 now. A lot of people like 30 Rock,' " she recounted to Seth Meyers. "So she goes to watch 30 Rock, and she watched a couple and she came back out to me and she was like, 'It's too weird for me.' "

At first the Saturday Night Live alumna thought Alice's feelings stemmed from Fey having to "pretend to be in love with somebody who wasn't daddy." But the 12-year-old quickly clarified: "No, it's just too weird for me."

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Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds honored with star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, USA - 15 Dec 2016
Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (7567188bl

When it came to figuring out Halloween costumes, 3-year-old James, Lively's daughter with husband Ryan Reynolds, had the perfect idea. "My daughter suggested that our youngest should be Mike Wazowski, so I thought, 'Great, we are all going to get to be different characters from Monsters, Inc.,' " the mother of two told PEOPLE. "But then she suggested the baby be Mike and that she gets to be Cinderella."

"Or that she gets to be Moana and the baby gets to be Hei Hei," Lively continued. "Or she gets to be Anna [from Frozen], and so you would think the baby gets to be Elsa. No, the baby gets to be the gecko from Tangled. Basically, the baby gets to be the goofy animal sidekick, while our daughter gets to be the princess."

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James Van Der Beek

When he asked his daughter, Annabel, what she saw as the pair stood in front one of his billboards for What Would Diplo Do?, the toddler turned her attention to something else. "Tough to impress a 3 year-old with your #WWDD billboard when it's next to one for Cars 3," Van Der Beek wrote on Instagram.

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Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

As they get older, Saldana's 3-year-old twin boys, Cy and Bowie, are getting more creative with their ploys for new toys - and it sounds like nothing is more effective than laying on the guilt when Mom has to go work for the day. "Sometimes when I'm getting ready to leave to go to work, they get a little anxious," Saldana explained to PEOPLE. "They're like, 'No, Mommy, I'll put on my zapatos and I'll come with you.' And I go, 'You can't, Mommy has to go to work.' " That's the moment they hit her with the doe eyes. "They'll go, 'Mommy bring toys?' Which basically means, 'You get to come back if you bring me a surprise,' " she recounted with a laugh.

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Molly Sims

The actress and model told PEOPLE she has "that's my kid" moments because her little girl Scarlett May, 3, can't seem to keep her clothes on. "It's so funny because my mom used to say this about me, that I could never keep my clothes on," Sims said in a Celeb Parents Get Real segment. "[Scarlett] is constantly naked." The mother of three added: "She answered the door … buck naked. And I think it's payback."

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DJ Khaled

In case you missed it, DJ Khaled's 1-year-old son Asahd is very involved in all aspects of his famous dad's career - from starring alongside Khaled in music videos and at award shows to serving as executive producer on Khaled's album, Grateful. "When we did Beyoncé and JAY-Z's song 'Shining,' he [moves his head] and goes [opens mouth]. When he does that, those are smash-hit records," Khaled told Jimmy Kimmel of what his son brings to their studio sessions. He added: "Believe it or not, the poops and throw-ups are super blessings. Those are actually the real good ones. He actually threw up on me when we were mixing 'Shining' … That's a blessing."

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