August 15, 2010 04:00 PM

Courtesy of HABA Toys

Going to the beach isn’t just about hitting the waves. Building sandcastles on the shore is just as fun.

But what’s a romp in the sand without some super cool toys to play with?

Fortunately HABA has got you — and your little sand diggers — covered with their latest line of beach toys.

From the artsy Hand Sand Mill ($12) to the fish-shaped Small Shovel Moby ($2.50), digging for buried treasure (or mom and dad’s feet) takes on a whole new twist.

Looking for a summertime treat? Let your little ones scoop up some sand-flavored ice-cream with the Ice Scoop Shovel ($3.50) and serve it on a bright Ice Cream Cone ($1.50).

Or they can create sand masterpieces with the Sand Water Workshop ($25), which includes a funnel, sieve and watering can.

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— Anya Leon

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