FrumUS: Group Gifts Made Easier

Trying to collect money for a group gift can be a pain in the butt. From teacher and coach appreciation gifts to showers and birthday gifts, FrumUS is an alternate way to collect funds. You can set a collection deadline date, tally votes on what to buy, send reminders, and get notified when payments are received. The service is free, but the site makes money when you buy gifts through their affiliated shops so they’d appreciate if you shopped online via their site.

The only caveat is one person (the collector) needs to have a PayPal account (and a Premier account if you are collecting more than five credit card payments) and everyone else needs them to in order to send payment. I’ve had a PayPal account for over ten years so it’s no big deal for me personally, but some people don’t want one or can’t have one.

— Danielle

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