From rumor to fact

The whole Usher/pregnancy rumor got me thinking… When does a bit of info transform from rumor to fact? For example, there has been no confirmation from Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher that they are expecting a baby but all the tabloids treat it as fact. For months, the same happened with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and then they finally "came out." It happened with Britney and K-Fed too. At some point a pregnancy becomes quite obvious. Perhaps that point for Ben & Jen Part Deux came when photos of Jen’s burgeoning belly came out. Demi is still managing to hide (or just carry herself suspiciously) behind baggy clothing and large purses. We may be speculating about this baby until s/he is born! And then there are those celebrities who refuse to even acknowledge the birth.

Of course, every single person is entitled to their privacy and, really, the decision to have or not have a child is one of the most private. Therefore, the decision to publicize one’s decision is completely private as well. I am in no way criticizing anyone’s decision not to publicize a pregnancy- just ruminating on what happens on the road from rumor to fact.

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