June 14, 2018 01:56 PM

Hazards of being a dad to young kids: spit-up stains, diaper blowout messes and, apparently, kicks to particularly sensitive areas.

Yep, if you search “dad kicked in the balls” on YouTube, you get more than 125,000 results of unsuspecting dads getting hurt where it hurts the most, whether they’re wearing their babies or roughhousing with their toddlers. FridaBaby — the brand behind the NoseFrida and Windi, among other newborn essentials — last week unveiled the FridaBalls, a boxerbrief that has a reinforced pouch in front to “soften the blow and keep dad’s buddies safe.” It comes in sizes S/M and M/L, retails for $27.99 and yes, it’s real.

In honor of the most out-there (yet somehow, particularly handy) Father’s Day gift of the year, we rounded up a few particularly painful videos. Perhaps these dads will find a FridaBalls package (for their package, har har) waiting for them at their family barbecue this Sunday.


Most Accidental:

That is decidedly not something to cheer about.

Most Ball-to-Ball Contact:


Most Premeditated:

Easy there, son!

Best Use of Feet:

That three-on-one ratio was not fair.

Best (Worst?) Reaction by Dad:

Just like in the cartoons.

Most Medieval:

Gives a whole new meaning to “sword fighting,” eh?

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