FridaBaby: Soothing Solutions for Your Fussy Babe

FridaBaby's Windi and NoseFrida Snotsucker are the perfect products for parents of fussy babes.

There’s nothing like trying to soothe a screaming baby’s tummy troubles.

And no matter how many times you’ve done the bicycle motions, once their little legs curl up and their tears start flowing, even the best of parents can still feel helpless.

Fortunately, FridaBaby‘s Windi ($15) works quickly to calm a colic-y baby with its single-use catheter that provides instant relief from gas-related stomach aches.

But that’s not all the baby-feel-better company has to offer.

If you often find yourself trying to soaking up steam from hot showers while rocking your congested cutie to sleep, consider the NoseFrida Snotsucker ($15).

The BPA-free device (which includes disposable filters to eliminate mucus transfer) allows parents to drain their child’s nose by gently suctioning the tubing with their own mouth.

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— Anya Leon

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