Frances Cobain hurt by blog gossip about her weight

While on Good Morning America on Tuesday to promote her new book Dirty Blonde, Courtney Love was asked about her daughter Frances Bean, 14. Courtney said, "She’s fantastic…She’s top of her class, very popular. She hates when I say this, as a matter of fact, she corrects me. I was saying she never kissed a boy. She did kiss a boy, but it was a little kiss. And she’s a great sportswoman, and just a great kid all around."

However, Courtney then told The View ladies that Frances is just as affected by what other people think as other teenage girls her age are. After paparazzi pictures of her and Courtney horseback riding on Mother’s Day surfaced, Frances spotted them while blog surfing. The insulting comments which followed the postings implied that she was overweight (obviously not the case – the accompanying photo in this post is the one that was being ripped apart on other sites).

This heavily affected Frances – Courtney told The View that she then found all the food from the fridge in the trash. However, Courtney says, "I said, Frances, they say that stuff about Julia Roberts, they say that stuff about Heidi Klum, you can’t take it seriously. That’s part of what’s added to her life, extra [being a celebrity kid]."

Sources: People, ONTD and YouTube

Thanks to CBB reader Linda.

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