Travis singer Fran Healy says son is "shedding this invisible skin"

Travis lead singer Fran Healy, 34, knows that being away from his wife, photographer Nora Kryst, and son Clay, 20 months, is part of the job now that his band is on tour, however, that doesn’t mean he likes it.

This is the longest I’ve been away from him, out on this tour. It’s driving me mad. My wife sent me some new video, and I just stared at it and got so upset. I was thinking, ‘My God, he’s not that infant anymore, that’s gone now.’

You realize that throughout your life these things come and go, these moments. We just don’t die at the end of life and everything stops — bits of life are constantly leaving you along the way and that’s kind of dying a little at a time. My son, now he’s a different person, like he’s shedding this invisible skin.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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