By peoplestaff225
November 06, 2007 05:03 AM

Last Spring I wrote about how much I love the backpacks from Four Peas. The two toddler backpacks we own have been with us back and forth from grandma’s house everyday and through two European vacations and still look great. I recommend these backpacks to everyone and am already planning on getting a school book sized one for when pre-school starts. Now Four Peas has come out with a great line of messenger and lunch bags.

The messenger bags are kid-friendly in many ways but evenparents and older children will love them. The bags are 14×12 and can expand up to five inches when full (thoughthey are two inches deep when flat) so you can actually get good use out ofthem. They also close with kid-friendlyVelcro pieces and have four snaps on the strap so that they can be snapped ontothe handlebars of a bike or onto a stroller.

The lunch bags (my personal favorite) are a nice 7×7 square shape (big enough to fit Catie’s straw cups) and have an interiormesh pocket to hold items securely. The insulatedbags also have a zipper closure around three sides of the bag to help you fill(and empty!) them easily.

Both the messenger and lunch bags come in the same greatdesigns that you are used to seeing from Four Peas bags and you can actuallybuy them all as a set or individually…but really, just buy the set because what is cuter than a kidwith a matching backpack and lunch bag?! These sets would actually make a really great holiday gift.

Check out the selection at

Exclusive for CBB Reviews Readers: Four Peas is offering a 15% discount for our readers. Just use code CELEBS at checkout!