Fortune Tees are more fun than the cookie

If you’re like me, I think the fortunes inside of fortune cookies are more fun than eating the cookie. That’s why I’m really into Fortune Tees. Babies, kids, pregnant ladies, moms, and dads have their choice of updated fortunes on tees. Anya and I were sent the "A cocktail is in my future" and "A nap is in my near future" tees. Celeb mom Julia Roberts and future celeb parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie received the "A surprise will appear in my pants" and "A nap is in my near future" tees. I love that they offer maternity tees,especially with such cute sayings like, "Sleepless nights are in mynear future" and "A baby girl (or boy) is in my near future."

Pictured above and to the left are me, Teba, her daughter Catie, Anya. I gave Teba the "A gin and tonic is in my near future"and Catie just happened to be wearing her own Fortune Tee onesie. (Bythe way, even though Anya is 3 months younger than Catie, she isclearly the more aggressive, I mean, assertive one.)

A great gift idea for Mother’s Day is their "Confucius says: It’s Mother’s Day every day" or "Confucius says: Mother always knows best" tees. You can also order "side orders"- hats and bibs.

Of course, all tees come in a Chinese take-out box.

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