Former Anna Nicole Smith friend claims Larry Birkhead is biological father; alleges drug use by Anna

The Anna Nicole Smith drama continues to unfold. The majority of Celebrity Baby Blog readers believe that although Howard K. Stern may be her daddy, Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn‘s biological father. New court documents released today by the Birkhead camp may add another layer of truth to his story. Laurie Payne, a friend of Anna Nicole’s since July 2005, claims in a signed court declaration that:

– When asked by Laurie during Christmas 2005 why she did not just go into a relationship with Howard K. Stern, Anna replied, "Ew, no way, I would never!"

– Anna Nicole was previously pregnant by Larry Birkhead, but suffered a miscarriage.

– Anna Nicole had a "love-hate" relationship with Larry Birkhead, but in May 2006 confided to Laurie in phone calls and instant messages that he was the unborn baby’s father. In an attached email, Anna reveals they are not together and also discusses the pregnancy, saying, "No one’s happy for me, so how can I be, and that’s so sad, cause it’s all I ever wanted, but not alone."

-Laurie personally dispensed Anna’s medication to her in May 2006, while Anna was 6 months pregnant. This medication was methadone. Laurie also observed her taking "high doses of Xanax" during her pregnancy.

Laurie’s declaration is in support of the petitioner, Larry Birkhead, and she signs that everything in the document is true and correct, under penalty of perjury.

Source: TMZ

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