For Your Consideration's John Michael Higgins talks about being a leopard

John Michael Higgins, veteran Christopher Guest films actor, is appearing in the latest from the Spinal Tap director, For Your Consideration.

He spoke to OK! magazine about his kids, 3 month old son Walter and 2 year old daughter Maisie. He said that Maisie "likes it when I’m a leopard and she rides on my back." For Maisie’s second , they had a cocktail party! Michael said, "No bouncy castles, just hi-balls and string cheese!" He said he’s a whiz at diaper changes, "I’m fast, clean, and efficient. The baby doesn’t know what hit him."

He’s currently shooting Fred Claus (with Dame Judi Dench, Vince Vaughn, Kevin Spacey and Paul Giamatti) in London but his wife, Margaret Walsh, "is not thrilled about me leaving for four months."

I can totally empathize with her! Especially with young children, who grow so much so quickly, four months is a really really long time! Josh went to Italy for a food conference in early November for 9 days but it felt like a month. Anya started standing much more and he was sad about that. He was worried he would miss her walking and told me "don’t encourage her to walk!" When he returned home, Anya was excited about made the sign for "dada" but didn’t want to go to him and clung to me. It took her a little while to warm up to him. My sister-in-law said she might have been mad at him for leaving us!

Have you or your husband ever had to go on a long business trip? How did you deal? Did your children remember you or him upon return?

Source: OK! Magazine, November 27, 2006 issue
Photo: Wire Image

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