Sheree Murphy, 30, wife of Liverpool’s footballer Harry Kewell, 27, has put her career aside and is concentrating on her kids. Kewell and Murphy have son Taylor, 5, and daughter Ruby, 3, and are thinking about expanding their family. "I’d love another baby. I’d like it to happen soon. Are we trying? Well, not as we speak! But if it happens it happens. I don’t want to leave it any later because I’m 30 now. I probably should have thought about having one after Ruby, but you kind of want to get your life back. And because I had one of each – a boy and a girl – I felt complete."

But their idea of a family differs a little, "If Harry had his way we’d have seven. He’s always wanted a big family with all the kids in the back of the car, he loves that. But I told him he could have seven with someone else!"


Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.