English footballer Steven Gerrard and fiance Alex Curran are planning an early induction for their second baby, before Steven has to go away for World Cup commitments. A close friend of the couple has said, "Stevie really wants to be at Alex’s bedside when she gives birth … inducing the baby is the only way to virtually guarantee he will be there."

They plan to have the baby well before Steven has to leave because he wants to spend a few days bonding with the baby as well. Alex’s induction will take place 11 days before her due date, but the source reveals: "Obviously if there is any risk to the baby they won’t go ahead with the operation." The couple have a two year old daughter Lily-Ella: Steven missed a friendly against Portugal so he could be there for her birth!

Thanks to CBB reader Joanna.

Did any other readers plan a early induction? Danielle had one because Anya was late, and that seems to be the most common reason for them. Please share in the comments!