Hopefully, by now, you are well-versed on the importance of going BPA-free with your bottles and sippy cups. Not only is BPA believed to contribute to several forms of cancer, recent studies have also linked it with an increased risk of developing obesity and other health problems.

Foogo to the rescue! Made by Thermos, Foogo recently introduced ‘Phases,’ a new line of 100% BPA-free sippy cups and straw bottles with interchangeable lids. Available in vacuum-insulated stainless steel or Tritan copolymer plastic, the Phases collection ($15 to $18) offers up an astounding 24 possible lid and body combinations — perfect for that finicky toddler who changes his sippy cup preference day-to-day or even hour-to-hour!

Another benefit? The cups (available in three varieties) are so sturdy, you’ll only need one or two. Just stock up on the three available lids (a soft sippy spout, hard sippy spout and the popular push-button straw). It helps save space and money.

Get them online here or here.