Megan Roup Reveals Daughter Harlow's Nursery as She Shares Advice for Pre and Postnatal Workouts

The Sculpt Society founder Megan Roup, who welcomed her daughter Harlow in June, tells PEOPLE about her pre and postpartum fitness journey — and how she's helping other new moms along the way

Megan Roup Nursery

Megan Roup can't get enough of the newest — and youngest — member of The Sculpt Society: her baby girl, Harlow!

The celebrity workout instructor, who welcomed her first baby, daughter Harlow Monroe, with husband Morgan Humphrey on June 2, exclusively opens up to PEOPLE about balancing life as a new mom and small business owner (she founded The Sculpt Society in 2017) and how she hopes to help other women along with their pre and postnatal fitness journeys.

Roup, a former professional dancer who has been teaching fitness for nearly 10 years, shares how it was "important" to her to stay active throughout her pregnancy.

"It really helped me stay grounded and positive throughout my pregnancy with all of the changes happening," she says.

Going through the experience herself, Roup was "excited" to work out with her TSS community while carrying her baby and simultaneously develop her TSS Mama program, which offers guidance in pre and postnatal exercise.

"There's a lot of programs out there, but a lot of them are really slow and boring," she says. "And I feel like if you're used to working out, all of a sudden there isn't something to follow that is a robust program that gives someone who is super active something to follow."

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"There's such a lack of information shared with women postpartum. You get cleared at six to eight weeks and you're told you can go off and do regular exercise, which is just so crazy if you actually know what's happening in your body," she continues. "We really shouldn't be going back to just our regular exercise, especially when it comes to core and our pelvic floor. There's just so much that we can do in those early days postpartum that can set us up for way more success when we go back to quote on quote regular exercise."

Since continuing her workout regiment after welcoming baby Harlow, Roup says she's reminding herself to "slow it down."

"While I wanted to get that big sweat on and get all those endorphins going, [I] just remind myself that my body had just gone through a major event and that the best thing I can do is to just slowly regain that strength and not push it," she adds.

While Roup says being a first-time mom has been an "amazing experience" so far, she also admits that she "didn't love being pregnant" and was "nervous" about how she would handle motherhood.

"I think you have this experience of pregnancy and you get kind of nervous that that's maybe going to be an experience that you're not necessarily going to love motherhood," she shares. "And I think for me, it's been just the complete polar opposite experience where I'm just all the cliché things that people say, but really just so in love with her."

The new mom also gives PEOPLE the first look at her daughter's cream and coral-themed nursery, which she designed in partnership with Crate & Kids.

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Megan Roup Nursery

"I feel like Morgan, Harlow and I can just grow with a lot of the pieces in that room, which is important to me," she says of her little girl's nursery. "Being in California, we really wanted a space that highlights our own style and personality, but also felt serene and as a place that we wanted to spend time because there's so much time spent in that room."

"We really have a neutral color palette, but wanted that modern West Coast style in there," she continues. "So you have a lot of those neutral tones in her crib and then that pop of color, which we love so much that those peach colors and with some of the blankets and our sheets and our lamps. We love the mix of those two."

Roup shares baby Harlow recently made the "big adjustment" of sleeping in her crib, which is going "so far so good," the mom of one says.

"Every night we sort of cross our fingers," she adds with a laugh.

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