My Little People houses and castle were among my most treasured toys so I’m excited that they are celebrating their 50th birthday this year! In January, Fisher-Price introduced four commemorative sets that will bring you back to your childhood: Play ‘n Go Farm, Play ‘n Go School, Play ‘n Go Fire Station (available exclusively at Toys R Us) and Play ‘n Go Home (available exclusively at Target). The sets retail for $14-18.

All include a collectible take-along storage tin that holds the retro-styled figures. You can purchase additional sets of retro figures for $7. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll reintroduce my beloved Castle that my mother donated to a nursery school without asking me that is now available on eBay for $200!

Fisher-Price also introduced four new modern playsets- check out our review. For a real trip down memory lane, visit This Old Toy’s guide to the original Little People.

— Danielle