First of Octuplets Could Be Home from Hospital Tuesday

A weekend of packing, painting, cleaning – oh, and Disneyland – for Nadya Suleman

Photo: Nancy Pastor/Polaris

It’s T-minus a few days and counting for Nadya Suleman, who is making her way through the mother of all activity-packed weekends before the first of her octuplets comes home from the hospital early next week.

Moving the contents of her home in Whittier, Calif., to a new residence in nearby La Habra is just one of the items on her to-do list. Nearly a dozen volunteer contractors from the community are racing to finish painting, laying carpet, installing hardwood floors and baby-proofing the interior of the four-bedroom dwelling.

“I’m elated by all the help I’ve been getting,” Suleman, 33, tells PEOPLE. “I want everyone to know how thankful I am.”

Finishing Touches

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles interior designer is putting the finishing touches on the nursery – complete with a ceiling mural of cloud-swaddled angels and the words “Love, Joy, Peace” painted on a wall.

On Saturday, the single mother of 14 will spend the night with her eight newborns at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower, Calif. Over the course of the evening and early morning, neo-natal nurses will give her a few last pointers on caring for her premature infants.

Trip to Disneyland

Besides juggling the logistics of moving with help from friends, Suleman says her biggest concern this weekend is insuring that her six older children get plenty of extra attention. She hopes to take a handful of her brood to Disneyland for an afternoon.

“I really want to spend as much special time with them as I can over the next couple days,” Suleman says. “They’re aware of what’s about to happen.”

What’s about to happen is this: On Monday, after construction workers leave and the angel mural is drying in the nursery, a professional cleaning crew will scour the house in preparation for one last home inspection from the hospital. If the place gets the thumbs up, the first two of her octuplets could arrive home on Tuesday.

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