Celeb stylist and owner of Tipperary Kids Debby Parker shares her top tips to making your child's first haircut fun.

By peoplestaff225
Updated August 21, 2011 11:00 AM

Besides being a monumental step, most parents think their child’s first haircut is the cutest thing ever.

But their little ones may have a very different take on the matter.

Strange surroundings, new people and big scissors can cause a major anxiety attack for some kids says celeb stylist and owner of Beverly Hill’s Tipperary Kids Debby Parker, who has styled everyone from Heidi Klum‘s kids to Mark Wahlberg‘s tykes, as well as the Hilton sisters when they were wee ones.

So to help get your tot ready for their big day at the salon, she’s put together a few tips that will help make the experience fun and less frightening.

Check them out below.

Get there early. Arriving 15 to 20 minutes before your appointment is a great way to help your child get acquainted with their stylist. That way, they won’t feel like a stranger is cutting their hair.

Make them comfortable. Sometimes the big chair can be intimidating so let them sit in mom or dad’s lap, or even bring in the car seat. The key is to keep them as relaxed as possible throughout the whole process.

Bring security. No, not a bodyguard, but a favorite toy or blanket. And if they have more than one, bring them all. It helps keep their mind occupied so they don’t focus on the big bad scissors.

Forget the cape. Being covered in all-over plastic can be a tad scary so bring in an extra shirt and let them change into it when they’re all done.

Be water-friendly. Many little ones are terrified of having their hair sprayed with water. So instead of a squirt bottle, ask the stylist to wet their hair using water in their hand.

Reward them at the end. Giving them their favorite treat when it’s all done helps them remember it as positive and fun experience. We gift our mini clients with a new little toy at the end of each service and that always brings a smile to their face