Fill in the Blankie: Really Express Yourself ... on a Blankie

Your sister had her first baby. Your best friend is expecting a baby girl after two boys. Is a store-bought receiving blanket or packaged layette gonna express your joy? Personalizing a gift for special people just seems NECESSARY to me. But when it’s a blanket, can 3 lines possibly be enough?!? That’s about all you get on a typical mail-order blanket. So go ahead and Fill in the Blankie, as the name suggests. Dallas-based company president, Todd Lilly, offers the most personalization you can find on a blanket. He is intensely tuned into his customer base, and knows that offering 200 characters of personalization around the edges of these lush blankies is no small task. He also knows that the attention to detail and speed — and we mean FAST — with which he services each customer is the key to his success so far. Customers rave about Fill in the Blankie’s exceptional service;one of them writes: "It’s not often in this day and age that companiesshow such wonderful customer service! It’s very refreshing to have anexperience like this…Thanks again for going above and beyond."

Personalize these individual creations with a quote or sentiment, the names of parents or siblings, or your own name as the gift-giver. How about "Grandma Joan and Grandpa Arthur send love to wrap up Baby Leo" or "You were born on November 17, 2005 to your mom and dad, and to big brother Ethan". Some of us struggle to find enough words that will last for posterity, and some of us still won’t have enough room with 200 characters.

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I tested Noah’s Ticking Stripe($65) which was a classic baby blue & white stripe, 30" x 30" wovencotton, with a soft flannel feel. This is a perfect size for everynewborn, and my almost one-year old still loves being wrapped in thislight and cuddly blankie. It has washed and dried beautifully, manytimes over.

Todd also sent me a 400 count Sheety Blankie ($77). At first, Ididn’t get the idea of a lightweight, high-end, funky-patternedsheet-like blankie. But Todd assured me that these were in very highdemand in California and with exclusive retailers elsewhere.

I’m already coveting Hazel’s Pride and Joy and Martha’s Majesty formy two good friends who’ve recently had little boys — they’ll begetting these shortly, and I may treat my 2-year old daughter to a newfavorite while I’m on the site. Maybe Able’s Loft in Chocolate…

The site is easy and friendly to use, and with a wide range ofblankets that start at $39 and ship within 3-7 days, this is thequickest, most personalized gift you can click and send. No need for acard, either — if you can’t say it in 200 characters, pick up the phone!

Celebrity athletes’ wives and other notable personalities have also been frequent buyers of Fill in the Blankie creations. So click here to express yourself on a blankie; CBB readers will receive 10% off their entire blankie orders with promotion code CBBDIS, good through March 1, 2008.

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