Have you ever felt like you were on a conveyor belt… you clean your home just for the little munchkins to get it dirty again? I have a 2 ½ year old daughter and a 17-month-old daughter — these girls know how to get them and everything around them dirty. Fields Organics has an array of products, their motto is Eco Smart + Kid Friendly… and it’s true. This company really walks the walk, even the ink on the label is printed with soy based ink on 100% recycled paper. Their entire line is biodegradable, free of VOCs, ph-balanced, hypoallergenic and cruelty-free — all things you want in cleaning products.

Pre-Laundry Stain Remover
I meant to treat that shirt that Sarah spilt hot chocolate on (and everywhere) THREE days ago and then I remembered I had these new cleaning products to try out. I figured I’d give it a shot, but assumed there was no way a stain like this would come out with anything but a gallon of bleach. Boy, was I wrong! I could not believe my eyes — the hot chocolate was gone! And not just sort-of gone, but the shirt was really clean!

Hand Soap
Though it’s intended for kids, this momma loves the way it smells and makes my skin feel (in citrus tea tree). Plus, my 2 ½ year old has this obsession with sneaking away and using pump bottles. It is very frustrating when you have to stand there for 10 minutes just to get the soap off of her. The nice thing about the Fields Organics hand soap is that it’s not too soapy and washes off easily while still doing the job.

Toy Cleaner
I felt comfortable allowing my 2 ½ year to use the toy cleaner herself to help out because it is organic. So now when she makes a mess, she can help clean it up and I don’t have to worry about any harsh chemical fumes or accidental contact.

The packaging appealed to my sense of style, it’s bright, clean, and sophisticated. It fits into my bathroom without screaming K-I-D-S.


They also offer a travel pack which I think is great, especially if you just want to try out the line.

Finally, Fields doesn’t just have great products, but they also donate products and donate a portion of their profits to environmental causes so you are just making a difference at home using these products, you are helping to make an impact the planet!

The line also includes a floor cleaner, laundry detergent, and multi-surface cleaner.

— Jennifer G.