Fergie: How Josh Duhamel and I Make Our Marriage Work

"We just grew. And we grew into realizing that we wanted the same things in life. We wanted the same path," the singer says in the February issue of Allure.

When Josh Duhamel got the chance to meet his future wife Fergie in 2004, it was truly a dream come true.

The meeting, Fergie says in the February issue of Allure, came shortly after Duhamel had recalled his vivid thoughts — featuring the “My Humps” singer — to a reporter.

“Yeah, yeah, exactly — he just wanted to get in my pants,” the songstress, 39, jokes of their initial encounter, which eventually became the start to their now 10-year relationship.

“We just grew. And we grew into realizing that we wanted the same things in life. We wanted the same path,” explains Fergie. “We both come from Catholic families.”

Fergie Allure magazine February cover

Patrick Demarchelier

In 2013, the dynamics of their relationship took a turn when they welcomed their first child, son Axl Jack. But Duhamel, 42, once again stepped up to the plate and happily embraced his familial roles.

“He’s great! He is present — wants to make it work, wants to be a good husband and a good father,” says Fergie. “He’s there for me, really there for me.”

From the moment they first met on the set of Duhamel’s series Las Vegas, the couple have managed to still make work a priority — without compromising their personal lives. In addition to the two-week rule that ensures they aren’t apart for long stretches at a time, the pair often compromise so they’re able to keep their family together while still concentrating on their careers.

“We’ve already talked about how we’re going to have to trade off,” says Fergie, whose single “L.A.LOVE (la la)” is currently climbing the charts. “He’s going to have to come on tour with Axl for a while, and then there’ll be a break. He’ll take a job; I’ll be on set with [Axl].”

But there’s much more behind their successful marriage: Both Fergie and Duhamel have been open to therapy, which they attend together. “[He’s] not afraid … He doesn’t feel like he’s not man enough [for it],” the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman shares.

As for expanding their tight-knit trio further? A second child will have to wait, says Fergie, who admits she loved the perks of pregnancy “especially when my belly popped. The rounder it got, the more fun it was. Wearing a tight dress? Now? Forget it!”

For now, in addition to her family, Fergie is focusing her efforts on another major milestone in her life: the spring release of her second solo album.

“Did I feel some sort of pressure to come back out? I felt that it was either going to be another baby or an album,” she explains.

Fergie Allure magazine February cover

Patrick Demarchelier

— Anya Leon

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