Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy don't let their kids watch TV

William H. Macy told OK! Magazine that he and wife Felicity Huffman don’t let their daughters, Sophia, 6, and Georgia, 4, watch TV. He said, "We made a rule that our kids can’t watch videos or telecision until they can read." When asked if he thinks television is damaging, he said, "There is wonderful, educational stuff on video. Our issue is that television itself is too powerful. That image is too overwhelming for a little kid. I think the longer we let their minds cook, the better."

They feel their kids don’t really miss out on anything compared to their TV-watching peers because "there’s a book for every video out there, and they’ve memorized them. They can go toe-to-toe with any kid about Finding Nemo or Toy Story."

He also said that his kids are actually turned off by TV. They have said, "TV! Ew!" to which William says, "Wait a minute, TV is how I earn my living. TV is very important to Papa."

William provides the voice on the new Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abomidable Snowman children’s DVD, which is based on the series of books we loved as kids. It’s slightly ironic that though both of their parents make their living from television, but they won’t let them watch it. (Certainly, they shouldn’t watch their mom’s show!) Then again, my mother was a dental assistant, and believe me, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch her work.

By the way, Madonna has also said that she didn’t allow Lourdes and Rocco to watch TV either!

Do you let your children watch TV? Why or why not?

Source: OK! Magazine, September 11, 2006 issue

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