Felicity Huffman: A Mother of Invention

Felicity Huffman talked to ModernMom.com about her invention and her family. The mom to daughters Sofia Grace, 6, and Georgia Grace, 4, and wife to actor William H. Macy keeps herself busy acting on Desperate Housewives and acclaimed films like Transamerica (as well as winning awards for her performances including an Emmy, an Obie, a Golden Globe, an Independent Spirit Award, and two Screen Actors Guild, and an Oscar nomination), writing A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend with her best friend Patricia Wolfe, and inventing the Head’s Up Pillow.

Felicity defines a modern mom as someone who "respects herself and honors her needs on par with those of her family" whereas she defines an old-fashioned mom as someone who "puts the needs of everyone else above hers to her own detriment."

Like many women, Felicity struggles with finding the balance between career and family. She said, "I rush from one thing to another and have a lot of guilt…I’m still striving to find that balance." She credits good reliable childcare to helping a lot (they have been using the same ones since her daughters were born) on top of a dedicated husband ("he travels a lot for work, but when he’s here, he’s HERE").

Lately, she’s been busy promoting her invention, the Head’s Up Pillow, which won a Good Housekeeping Excellence award last year. She created in because her neck hurt when she rocked her daughters in her glider. She said, "pillows would always slide down, so out of frustration and sleep-deprivation, I pulled out my sewing machine and made myself a pillow that stayed put." She invented the product "not because I think I’ll make a gazillion dollars, but because I feel that everyone needs to know about products that help moms and I really think every mom should have one." The pillow which comes in four fabrics and retails at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $30, cradles your head and neck and is great for feeding or rocking baby to sleep or even just watching Desperate Housewives.

What do you want to teach your daughters, Sofia and Georgia?I want them to have a strong sense of self…that they can always listen to and rely on.

What’s your favorite family activity?
Tickling on the couch! And we sing a lot… Bill plays the ukulele and the guitar and we sing together. We also love to take long walks in our neighborhood.

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