February Strolling: The Little Sweetheart Ensemble

You coordinate your bag with your shoes and your drapes with your sofa. So why not create the perfect stroller ensemble as well? Get ready to step out in style!

Thinking about taking a stroll this Valentines day with the new love of your life? Here’s some inspirational sweets for your sweet in the form of a perfectly coordinated, stroller/gear ensemble that’s full of heart!


The Stroller: The Quinny Zapp in Pink ($199). Light on it’s feet and swift as Cupid’s arrow, there’s much to love about this stroller. Quinny Strollers are popular with celebrities, like Rachel Weisz and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The Bag: Cynthia Rowley Red Patent Leather Tote (upper right, $200 on sale). This luscious and decadent red patent bag is sealed with a kiss of hot pink in the form of a sweet bow. We also love the Red Faux Patent Sweet Pea Tote from Amy Michelle (bottom left, $108 on sale)

The Blanket: The pink and red heart covered Amber Hagen Cashmere Blanket (upper left, $150) is the height of woobee indulgence. The line has a huge celeb following, including Milla Jovovich who has the heart blankie and matching hoodie for daughter Ever Gabo Anderson. Looking for a sweet cuddler for a little less cash? We also love this Hot Pink Rosebud Security Blankie from Max Daniel (lower right, $20), a constant companion of Violet Affleck‘s.

The Binkies: Bling it up for just a few bucks with this fabulous Munchkin Bling Binky and Matching Binky Leash (middle left, $5.95). Or if your babe has a binky that they can’t leave home without, keep it close with a Candy necklace from BinkLinks (bottom right, $14.00). What could be sweeter? Marcia Cross’s daughters Eden and Savannah each have one of these.

The Toys: Keep your sweetie amused while mommy sips her latte and eats her (valentine’s day) bon bons, with the Little Hearts Pram Decoration ($24) from Haba.

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