Featured Review: Peg Perego Skate: The stroller to end all strollers?!?!

Peg Perego is an incredibly popularbaby brand, their strollers and car seats have wowed parents for years. Theywere one of the first stroller brands I knew of where you could flip thehandlebars so that baby could face you or outward. So, I wasn’t reallysurprised that they would be taking on a new direction in 2008, but I was surprisedat the final product.

The Peg Perego Skate is a true departure from their strollers of yesteryear, but in the best possible way. Some peopleare referring to the Skate as the Bugaboo killer, I don’t necessarily agree. Ithink both these strollers serve their purposes very well. And the Skate reallydoes have its own unique approach.

I was delighted when Peg Peregooffered to let me be one of the very first people to review the Skate — It doesn’t even come out until sometime this month! I’venever met a stroller with more buttons or features. And while it took a littlewhile to figure them out, I have to say each feature is worth the effort. Thisstroller is truly a marvel and worth getting to know.

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