While I’ve always been happy to be a mom of boys, I have to admit, there is a small part of me (okay … a big part) that is consistently disappointed when it comes time to choose clothes for our sons. I get so tired of the dearth of choices — something blue with stripes, or something blue with footballs? — that I do find myself gazing longingly across the aisle at the little girl section, where the options appear to be aplenty.

But shoes have always been the great equalizer — a quick and easy way for us to help the boys express their individuality each and every day. We recently tested two new sneaker styles from ECCO, and any fears I may have been secretly harboring about Owen and Sam blending in with the crowd quickly went out the window. When your kids are walking around in ECCO, there’s no chance of that happening. Just ask Violet Affleck, 2. Sure, she’s followed everywhere she goes by a swarm of paparazzi … but is it her famous parents they’re after, or is it her shoes?

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