Featured Review: BINSI Birth and Labor Apparel

I’m down to the last couple of weeks in my pregnancy. We just found out that my baby is breech and if she doesn’t turn, I will have a c-section on December 3st.

But if my baby turns, I plan on wearing BINSI’s Labor and Birth Apparel during the last phases of labor and delivery. When contractions get to be too much and I’m sweating my tuchos off, wearing BINSI’s Go Go Top ($38) and Prima Mama Skirt ($55) will make me comfortable (and preserve what’s left of my dignity/modesty). And if I end up having a c-section, I will be wearing the Go Go Top and Prima Mama Skirt afterwards for comfort reasons. Either way, its already packed in my bag! Danielle posted about them in August of ’06. Click here to read that post.

BINSI Apparel has been gifted to Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Garner, Brooke Shields, and Melissa Joan Hart (during her pregnancy with son Mason).

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