By peoplestaff225
April 14, 2008 08:52 AM

Update: CBB Reader Heather won the Deuter Kid Comfort II pack for her husband and daughter who will use it for hikes this summer. She says, "I like that it has storage for necessities like diapers and snacks which we will need on the hike (my daughter is no stranger to getting changed on rocks). I also like that it has a side pocket that is in reach of the child."

So it’s a presidential election year — in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s been hard not to notice around here. At the time this review was written, my little neck of the woods (suburban Philadelphia) has pretty much become ground zero for the candidates. They’re in the area so often I half expect to find Barack and Hillary doing the morning kid unload at our 4-year-old’s preschool. And while that hasn’t happened (yet), they have given quite a few speeches locally that I really, really wanted to attend. But with my husband at work and without anyone to watch the baby, I was kind of stuck.

Until we received our Kid Comfort II from Deuter USA, that is. It’s what Jennifer Garner reached for when she was ready to pound the pavement with Violet, 2, and no wonder: Whether you’re headed to a political rally, or just rallying your troops to get off the couch and hit the open trails, the Kid Comfort II is a diverse backpack carrier in a manageable size and with the features you need to handle any situation. The best news of all? Read the full review for information on how you can win a Kid Comfort II of your very own.

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